Root's Kids Camp

This summer we have an incredible camp for children from Grade 3-5 at our majestic Kiskatinaw Ranch. This will be a week of adventures in nature, purposeful connection with peers and leaders, creative crafts, delicious food and memorable teaching. Kids will leave our camp with unforgettable experiences under their belt and energized in their faith.

“A Crown to the Aged", “A Heritage from the Lord”, “A Reward”, “Arrows in the Hands of a Warrior”. This is just a short list of ways that the Bible refers to children. Children are greatly valued by God and by us here at People's Church. The reason we work so hard to ensure Roots Camp is the best week of a Child’s summer is because we know that this camp, these 5 days, these 120 hours are the biggest opportunity we will get all year to impress upon these children their value in Christ and the promises He makes for their lives. We want these children to leave camp assured that their eternity rests in Christ’s hands and their value comes from Him alone.


You might be thinking, “But where do I fit in?” Or maybe your even thinking, “I might be a little too old or too tired or too impatient etc. To work with kids”!!! But here is the thing: Each of you has a gift or skill that is just waiting to be used! There is a place for you in this master plan! Your skills and gifts can be a huge asset to this camp and you may just not realize it yet! Have a look at the many areas that we somehow pull together to make our camps a success year after year!!! I’m willing to bet there will be an opportunity for your gifts to shine in this beautiful tapestry!

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